Sunday, 30 June 2013

Toastmasters Speech Project # 8 (Get Comfortable with Visual Aids)


(Speech starts with the following presentation) ;

We all want to sleep like a dog…but for most of us it’s only a dream….

Fellow Toastmasters & distinguished guests…try to stay awake…because today I’m about to talk about sleep !

Most nights when I finally decide to sleep….I come to my bed, try to set the alarm and suddenly realize that it’s almost 2 ‘o’ clock in the morning…then I curse myself…’ I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow, why am I still awake ? When I recall what I have been doing so deep in to the night,  most of the time it happens to be watching a late night movie, hanging out with friends, spending time in Facebook, or chatting with someone….if you also have these habits, don’t worry…you are not alone, but rather you are a of the new generation. 'The new generation of insufficient sleepers'.

Toastmasters, insufficient sleep is fast becoming a serious public health epidemic. According to a research by University of Warwick, an estimated 150 million adults are suffering health issues linked to lack of sleep.

The Doctors advice is that an adult ideally needs 8-9 hours of sleep at night…but it doesn’t happen practically…we stay awake at night when we should be sleeping, and during day time, when we should actually be working at full steam….we are like….this ;

 or, like this ;

 But this is still fine, because after lunch it gets worse....then we are like this ;

 or even like this ;

Now let’s see What are the results of this sleep deprivation ? Insufficient sleep at night causes difficulty to concentrate, depression, anxiety and builds stress in to our daily life. In fact, recent studies have revealed that between 50 to 80 per cent of stroke and heart failure patients are insufficient sleepers.  

So, I don’t have to elaborate any further that insufficient sleep is a silent killer...

However, having said all this, I’m not here to tell you to go to bed at 9 ‘o’ clock….I know it’s not practical. I’m here to present you a workaround for this issue. When you have less time to sleep, at least if you could have a deep sleep or sleep really tight, that’ll reduce the effects to a certain extent, and you’ll feel refreshed when you wake up the next morning. So, today I’ll give you some tips that help you to sleep tight…..

  • Firstly, have a warm bath just before going to bed. It’ll not only relax your mind, but will adjust the body temperature suitable for sleep.  

  • Secondly, would you like to sleep in a bed room like this ?
          of course not….make your bed room a sleep zone….Have a comfortable bed and eliminate light as  much as possible  …If you are afraid  of total darkness, have a night light that emits a very dim light that doesn’t distract you…..Don’t bring your laptop, tab or even the mobile to your bed. Do not leave yourself any options in the come to your bed, you sleep !

  • Thirdly, a full stomach deprives a good sleep….have a light diet for dinner, ideally some fruits… because fruits facilitate good sleep…
  • Another proven method for a deep sleep is to listen to sleep music. Sleep music or music with Gamma Binarual waves is capable of sort of hypnotizing your brain and putting it to deep sleep.
  • And lastly, doing sleep yoga or having sex just before sleep also helps, but I don’t encourage it to this audience since most of you are bachelors and it could lead to more far reaching consequences than lack of sleep..... :D

So to conclude, even the most sophisticated engine in the world needs a down time. ….So, stop your engine as early as possible and let it refresh…remember, "a good night’s sleep means a fresh beginning to new day"....So I hope that all of you would heed my advice and will sleep your way to success !

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